How NOT to blog

So I’ve done it again. 1 year 3 months gone by and no posts. I thought having two kids at school would give me some more time but since my last post in October 2015 life has gone crazily busy. Where the heck has time gone?!  Continue reading


When two become one

You may or may not have noticed I haven’t posted for a while. This is because things got so busy and out of control that I couldn’t even cook our tea let alone get the laptop out and write a post. Which then turned into not wanting to do a single house related thing for quite some time because we were so over DIY.

Now however, after 7 weeks of summer holidays (which included 2 weeks in the south of France gearing up for my youngest starting primary school) my days are changing quite considerably so I’m hoping to get the balance right between work, family and DIY to get this house back on track and make some progress. Continue reading

Rose Cottage exposed

Before the Easter sunshine it was time to remove what was left of our privacy. We are now well and truly exposed.

During the summer months our boundary was full of big and bushy but very overgrown trees, shrubs and weeds and a hedge. After a while we realised the hedge was collapsing due to it having no roots, (it has spread out side ways rather than down into the ground), had an unwelcoming entrance gate and a dead tree in it. All of which is battling with ivy.

Continue reading

The best walls in the house

We have four walls ready for painting!! A major achievement in our project and we are very excited about it! I’m sure other renovating bloggers can understand the thrill of having the orangey-brown stuff spread on their walls.

We hadn’t had time to remove any wallpaper before having the ceiling done in C’s room so as soon as we were able we set about stripping the wood chip.  Continue reading

Bad luck

So we aren’t having much luck with our want of having cats in our family home.

I recently posted about the arrival of two gorgeous kittens, Smudge and Biscuit. A few months ago (I haven’t particularly felt the urge to post this post) we had to say goodbye to Biscuit. We have been distraught. We don’t know what happened, and we don’t particularly want to, but what we do know is we have a very kind and caring neighbour who found him. Continue reading